One vision, many values!

Immobilinea is a modern-day business that keeps a close eye on new innovative methods but after two decades of experience in the real estate business, it still relies on solid ground and traditional values.  
Our vision in based on a series of beliefs that we put into play on a day-to-day basis. 
Central role: everything in Immobilinea revolves around our most valuable asset: our client. Your wish is our command, we pride ourselves on the highest professional standards even if it means sometimes adjusting our relationship if something feels wrong. It’s part of our job and it strengthens this central role: we decide on a strategy together, recommending and guiding them to the best real estate prices, avoiding expectations which are too high or too low. 
Honesty and integrity: we believe that our work ethic should be based on trust, that we consider to be as valuable as a signature, which doesn’t constrain the client but allows us to achieve a common goal. This is why in twenty years we have never had any legal complaints or disputes.Our relationship with our clients should be and is completely, transparent, clear and sincere: all ingredients that make up a successful collaboration.  Independence: we firmly believe that in the real estate business, independence and equidistance between the parties is a crucial element for maintaining credibility and at the same time a guarantee for the client. Immobilinea has never and will never take part in a real-estate corporation and it has never and will never buy apartments for the sole purpose of  
From the beginning we have chosen to not take part in property development and speculation. We don’t do it because the law has imposed it on us but it is imposed by our work and personal ethic. And unlike the former, the latter can’t be sidestepped.  
Consistency and cooperation: we are a team made up by many different elements but driven by the same goal: from our agents to our suppliers, researchers, technicians. we engage with dozens of people every day. And the common thread between every encounter is that we have is consistency in meeting our financial and ethical commitments, respecting the work everyone puts in and their needs, lending a hand when a team member requires it. Not only do we take pride in being a team, but we understand it’s value: because it’s with team work that you can achieve the high standards required.  
Modesty: mistakes can happen, in life and at wor. Honesty is admitting when you’ve made a mistake, learning from it and improving from there on in.
Gabriele Galli, founder.